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Classic Film Festival Retroback Granada 2016


4 February, 2016
Ignacio Duran

Eighth edition of the festival from 19th to 28th February 2016 is dedicated to the theme of “Space Invasion”

Having honored the Great Myths of Celluloid during the previous editions (Humphrey Bogart and Charles Chaplin, Ava Gardner, Gary Cooper), in 2016 Retroback broadens its vision towards new horizons and focuses on the outer space. The Invaders “in” Space instead of Space Invaders are to show you not only how The Alien Menace is presented in cinema but also the man in search of other planets to live on, other live forms and the origins of the universe.

The films that can be seen are starting with “A Trip to the Moon” by Georges Méliès and the documentary “The extraordinary journey”, and going on with “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “ET the Extra-terrestrial” Steven Spielberg, “Starman” by John Carpenter, “The Day the Earth Stood Still ” by Robert Wise, “Forbidden Planet” Fred M. Wilcox, “The Man from Planet X” Edgar G. Ulmer, “Star Trek I”, the film by Robert Wise, “A Space Odyssey” or “Woman in the Moon” by Fritz Lang up to the universe of the “Star Wars”.

Retroback Closing Gala concert is to be held in the Manuel de Falla Auditorium, February 26 at 20:30, with the participation of the City of Granada Orquestra.

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