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Imagen del Duque San Pedro de Galatino
14 April, 2015
Chema Muñoz

As Chairman of the board of Directors, I am honored to present our new blog. With great illusion we begin today a new journey in our communication networks.

The Hotel Alhambra Palace has been the great pioneer of tourism in Andalusia. Since its founding in 1910, it is one of the oldest hotels from all the cities in Spain. More than three million travelers have slept in it, visiting the city, its monuments and the magnificent Alhambra which also gives us reputation. The relationship of the Hotel with the city has been essential in the spread of Tourism of Granada in the world.

Its founder, the Duke of San Pedro of Galatino was a great businessman, politician and aristocrat. He was ahead of one’s time, and over the importance of Tourism he made sure to leave his stamp on the importance of a service of quality that up to this date we still maintain.

Our company, different from other hotels industries, is owned and managed from the family since its foundation.

The digital age allows us to eliminate distances. We want this blog to be a meeting place.  In it, our professionals will be able to bring you their information, their worries and comments, so that our communication with you is as complete and fluent as possible. It is our desire and goal to make it happen and to make you participate with us, in these dazzling times of permanent changes where borders are long gone.

To all of you, Thank You very much,

Pablo Basa Maldonado


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