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Summer & Cocktails at our Panoramic Terrace


1 June, 2016
Ignacio Duran

Sierra Nevada, The Valley, …  Granada from the terrace of the Hotel Alhambra Palace, which opens all its summer season with a renewed Cocktails List that will make you have unforgettable days and nights.

Chic drinks, full of flavor, sparkling cocktails refreshing and classic products, even offering an special creation, the Alhambra, dedicated to all our guests.  A terrace with more than 106 years magically located.

Before lunch, You will find cocktails like the American, Bacardi, Brandy sour, Daiquiri, Dry Martini, Kir, Manhattan and Negroni. Direct on the palate, dry and low-ranking but intense.

You will enjoy a range of tastes, light or strong, able to combine with any dessert, as Alexander, Antillean coffee, Barranquito coffee, Black Russian, B52, Coffee cocktail Brandy, Espresso Martini, Spanish connection or White russian.

For all day Mojito, Margarita, Piña Colada, Caipirinha, Sea breeze, Kamikaze, Cosmopolitan, Japanese, Between the sheets, Bloody Mary, Bramble, or the brand new Alhambra, are some of the stars of our List. And without alcohol, we propose options as the Blackberry mojito, Bibbly cranberry, Car drive, Flamingo, Mint tonic, San Francisco or Shirley Temple.

Our sparkling, light and always refreshing, enjoy the delicious Champagne Cocktail to the French 75, Aperol Spritz, Punch, Kir Royal, Mimosa or Russian Spring. But if you are one of those who always prefer a good Gin and tonic, we invite you to discover a lot of possibilities: classics with Juniper and Jamaica pepper, Mediterranean with orange or grape flower, citrus with lime or lemon, fruity with tangerine or raspberry, spices with cinnamon or flower with rose petals. Enjoy them  and see which flavor is your favourite while Granada is at your feet.

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