Alhambra Palace: A Safe Hotel

After 111 years of being a reference in the international tourism industry, nowadays the concept of Hospitality is more important than ever. For this reason, and exercising our corporate responsibility, we adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the safety of our clients and employees.

All this, with the guarantee that staying at our hotel is done in optimal conditions and ensure that the Alhambra Palace experience is, once again, unique and unrepeatable. 


Prior to your arrival:

Fast check-in/check-out option:

Guests do not have to spend their time queuing up at the reception. This can be achieved by filling up the document through the app beforehand.

All they have to do after arrival is to pick up the room key.


At Checkin time:


Hydroalcoholic gel sanitizer.

We have installed hydroalcoholic gel sanitizer stations

throughout our public/common and work areas.

We encourage you to use them frequently for our mutual safety.


Physical social distance.

We observe the regional regulations in force at all times.

It is necessary to take our elevators individually or with your own family unit. 


In Guest room:

Redution of potentially sensitive spots in room.

The mini-bars have been temporarily reduced as a precaution. In them you will find complimentary mineral water

Laundry protocol.

We wash sheets and towels at 90 degrees.

Cleaning Room.

We clean the room when client is out.

Afternoon turndown service is unavailable now. 


In Common Areas: Social Responsability


- Breakfast, Terrace and Panoramic Gourmet Restaurant.

Advance reservations are required.

We will accompany you from the entrance to your table.

Covid 19 Training

Staff has received training on how to manage safety and protocols.


Face Masks

During all times when in contact with guests and/or other employees,

Our employees must wear face masks.

Guests are required to wear masks when in public areas as well


Cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.

Enhanced cleaning in public areas has been increased with special care in public restrooms, doorknobs, desks and elevators.


Body temperature.

Team members check one´s body temperature before starting their workday and they wash their hands frequently while working.

Gloves are provided at any time if they are needed.



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