Weddings & Banquets

Authentic specialists in banquets, with an impeccable service, Haute Cuisine with a wide range of variety, all in the most unique scenarios, with seating for over 200 to 300 guests depending on the season, we customize every detail banquet ensuring that your celebration is unique.

The Alhambra Palace hotel has been for decades the sites for the biggest social events of the city of Granada, and the favorite place for celebrations and banquets. Tradition, professionalism, quality, impeccable service and unforgettable amenities have become the essential reference for weddings and banquets. We renew our hope and illusion in every celebration. Your special day is very important to us.

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HOTEL ALHAMBRA PALACE | Granada | Restaurant


With panoramic views and a careful and renewed regional and international fusion menu, without losing the Mediterranean tradition.
HOTEL ALHAMBRA PALACE | Granada | Weddings and Banquets

Weddings and Banquets

Specialists in the celebration of banquets, haute cuisine with varied offer, in unique scenarios, with capacity for 200 guests.

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